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Steel Support

Because of being high-strength and be shaped suitable to different mechanisms (hinge, telescopic cylinders etc.) and the remaining of this mechanisms under high pressures make the steel preferred in metro tunnel constructions, mines and other projects which are underground working machines needed.

The steel support system are designed and manufactured in accordance to the site conditions of subway, mine or tunnel constructions suitably and installed at site by our professional team.

The steel supports are more advantaged than the other methodologies because of their safety, productivity and decreasing the costs. Average loss is about 1 percent per month and the average existence of steel supports are about 50 months or more than 4 years.

The first preliminary expenses are higher than the wooden supports but at least in two weeks it redeems. In other months it helps more savings.

With the support system, the landslides are prevented and the safety of workmen are well protected

Entire steel support system can be dismantled and reassembled easily as and when required depending up on the sequences of construction activities,with less involvement of workmanship.

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